Millions of years ago, before humans walked the Earth, the Titans ruled the world. For thousands of years the Komatii Formation ruled most of the supercontinent of Pangaea. Its capital city, Atlantis, was founded at the base of Mount Avalonia, the home of the Gods. Over the centuries, Atlantis grew into a mighty city, growing to encircle the entirety of Mount Avalonia and growing up her slopes. The Gods grew weary of the encroachments of the increasingly bold and blasphemous Atlantians. They wove mighty Magicks, wrenching Mount Avalonia from the face of the Earth, tearing a huge Wound into the face of the planet, exposing its hollow core and destroying Atlantis utterly. Now, hundreds of years later, the characters adventure through the shattered remains of the Formation, striving to seek their fortunes, carve out their own kingdoms, or discover the secrets of the Hollow Earth. This is Pangaea: After Atlantis.

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Pangaea: After Atlantis

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