Action Resolution

The Arbiter will assign a level of difficulty to all Action Resolution Rolls. Difficulties are Simple (a basic action for a skilled character), Complex (an action that requires some attention from the character), Taxing (an action that is quite difficult for the character) and Preposterous (an action that is almost impossible for the character).

Once the difficulty has been determined, the player will roll two 10-sided dice and compare them to the Action Resolution chart on the character sheet, or page 9 of the rulebook.

Characters who have Gifted Aptitudes or Superior Talents that apply to the action may gain Bonus Dice, additional dice rolled, with the player keeping the HIGHEST two. Characters under extreme duress may have Penalty Dice, additional dice rolled with the player keeping the LOWEST two assigned.

The roll is then compared to the chart to determine success or failure. Outcomes include Overkill (Success over and above what is intended), Success (Character attains his goal), Mixed (Character generally succeeds, but with an unforseen “side effect”), Failure (Character does not complete action), and Cataclysm (Character not only fails, but something really bad happens).

This is the primary mechanic for all character actions. Almost all die rolls will be on this table.


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Action Resolution

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