Chaya Kathaputali

The Chaya Kathaputali (Shadow Puppets) is a guild of thieves centered around the Ab’Panhi Samudra (City of Still Oceans) in Vaalbara.

The Chaya Kathaputali are formally recognized within their land, and operate via the sufferance of the Mahana and his court. They seek or buy likely infants from beggar and outcast castes and train them from a young age in the skills and tenants of the Guild. Training is rigidly supervised-apprentice thieves begin with basic pick-pocket skills; with simple cut-purse activities being regarded as most basic-and those who excel at such are shown arcane Guild secrets of blending and evasion. More advanced apprentices are shown the ways of stealthy entry and exit and graduate to Burglary, and, eventually, into study of Law. The Chaya Kathaputali often aid the courts in cases of theft, for the operations of the Chaya Kathaputali are rigidly defined by tradition, oath and contract. A member of the Guild in good standing tithes a portion of his takings to the court of the Mahana (Pays his “kana.”). and what may and may not be taken is defined by agreement between the court and the “Coran’eta” (Guildmaster) of the Chaya Kathaputali.

The chief rule of the Chaya Kathaputali is “No material thing can equal the value of the least of life,” for the taking of a life during a theft is a stain upon the honor of the entire Guild, and the offending Guild member must pay with his own life. The second rule of the Chaya Kathaputali is “There is that which is owned, and that which is borrowed,” the guiding principle between that which can be stolen and that which should be left to lie.

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Chaya Kathaputali

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