Vaalbara is a land of dry tundra to the north and temperate forests to the south.

Before the Cataclysm Vaalbara was a land of jungle and forest—but the spinning of the Earth was hard on the peoples of Vaalbara. Many of the Vaabaran cities and temples were destroyed and hundreds of thousands of refugees fled their ancestral homes for the new south.

Climate of Vaalbara: Vaalbara has dried and frozen, and much of the north lies abandoned. The population has moved to the southern regions of the country where the remnants of the former lush jungles have become thin forests. Many of the native flora and fauna died out in the cataclysm and many of the surviving creatures have migrated to new lands. Conversly, new species have moved north into Vaalbara.

People of Vaalbara: The people of Vaalbara have traditionally been peaceful to their neighbors; refined, and rigid, the tribes are organized by hereditary castes. each person knows the place he was born into, and living within one’s limits can be rewarded with rebirth into a higher caste.

Religion: The Gods of Vaalbara represent a celestial hierarchy that mirrors the caste system of the populace. Different Gods are on different tiers, and Gods maintain and guard virtues that are thought to be synonomous with their place in the spheres. Worshipping a God above one’s caste is not looked down upon, however, and represents a desire on the part of the worshipper to rise in the next turn from one’s status to the next level. The souls of the Vaalbarans rise and fall through the castes until one’s soul either plumments to a state of irredeemable sin… in which case the soul is devoured by At’ke Bhaká¹£aka (eater of souls), or raises to a state of grace worthy to dwell with the Gods in Aparitaniya Anabhumi (The land of Unchanging Bliss). Despite the plethora of Gods, most of them are unconcerned with the day to day life of the Vaalbarans, instead pursuing their own learnings and meditations.

Government: Rule is held among a hereditary caste based on perceived honor among society: a Hereditary Timocracy. The ruling classes are held to be blessed by the Gods by virtue of thier high birth, but do not directly represent the will of the Gods. In theory, the overall ruler of Vaalbara is the Rahj Nykuta-the decendants of the Komatii appointed governor of the Province. In practice each area is ruled by a Mahana and his court, supported by the Sikapujarhi (learned priests).

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