Hyperborea is a land of savage beauty. It’s people are hard and bronzed, arrogant, and lucky.

After the Cataclysm and the spinning of the Earth, the Hyperboreans found themselves fortunate compared to many of the peoples of other provinces. Where some lands found themselves changing from jungle to ice, or ice to jungle, or forest to desert, Hyperborea found itself with much the same climate as before. Hyperborea and Gondwana are the two provinces that most retain their glories from the time of Atlantis.

Climate: Hyperborea is a land of tropical jungle, watery swamps and high mountains. While Hyperborea has it’s share of desert, for the most part the climate is similar to it’s pre-Cataclysm state. Most of the native flora and fauna survived intact.

People: The tribes of Pangaea are ancient and proud, yet those of other lands often think them savage and brutal. Most of the kingdoms of Hyperborea avoid technology, and do not use animals as beasts of transport or burden. The power of the Titan body and mind is considered the most powerful forces for culture and advancements. Still, the kingdoms of Hyperborea often go to war against each other… Seeking land, or slaves.

Religion: The Gods of Hyperborea are varied… many are passive, and their cults are shrinking and many desire sacrifice in blood. The Hyperborean Gods are aspects of nature and personality.

Government: The Kingdoms of Hyperborea are combinations of theocracy (government by the churches) and kratocracy (government by the strong). In most kingdoms, the priest-classes have the support of the military classes and rule via ritual.


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