Sibik ah' Ch'anir

Sibik ah’ Ch’anir is the name whispered by the inhabitants of Hyperborea surrounding the K’uhk’ Kuxrum—the Lonely Swamp. Sibik ah’ Ch’anir refers to the races of snake-men dwelling in the swamp.

The Ch’anir seem to be organized along rigid caste lines, with a “Royal (soosgmar-X’an)” caste serving as rulers, teachers, priests and keepers of law, a “Worker (soosgmar-Che’yah)” caste to do the day to day crafts, and a “Warrior/Diplomat (soosgmar-Chamseyah)” caste as the military. There may be other castes, but these are the only three known to the Titans.

The Ch’anir castes are hereditary/racial, and, over the millenia, the Cha’nir castes have almost evolved into different species—the X’an are golden in color, physically bloated and froglike in form, while the muscled, blue soosgmar-Chamseyah inspire fear in lesser Titans.

Before the Cataclysm the Ch’anir were expanding throughout the land of Hyperborea. The Titans, for the most part, did not desire the swampy or mountainous terrains the Ch’anir claimed, and the armed conflicts that ranged across the land were mostly between tribes of Ch’anir. The Ch’anir dealt diplomatically with the Titans, trade was common between them, and a tolerant peace held between the races. With the coming of the Komatii things changed. The Komatii tried to bring the Ch’anir under their thumb with steel and sorcery and to bring the Ch’anir the way of the “True Gods.” The soosgmar-X’an, with a limited understanding of the concepts of individuality, due to the efforts of the Komatii, came to regard all Titans as heretics and enemies of the “soosgmar-ah’yum ik’ar” (The Ch’anir Gods).

The soosgmar-X’an claim to have forseen the Cataclysm: After all, the Titans stove to bring down the Gods, and, eventually, the Gods would punish them. And the soosgmar-X’an na’taar (Wise men) had seen via their scrying details of the world outside thier realms. The Ch’anir knew of the vastness of Pangaea, even if they never ventured far from their swampy homes.

After the Cataclysm the Ch’anir retreated back to their swamps—the shaking of the Earth, the creation of the Moon and the disruption to Magick and the weather destroyed the heights of the Ch’anir civilizations, just like most of the Titan kingdoms. Many of the best of the “lesser breeds,” (Cheh’yah and Chamseyah) were lost in the fields while the Royal soosgmar-X’an learned humility. The Ch’anir are now exploring beyond the bounds of their ancestral lands once more, yet, over the centuries, the hatred of the Royal soosgmar-X’an for the Titans has faded. Encountering the ruins of abandoned Titan cities has given the soosgmar-X’an the feeling that the Cataclysm was punishment by their Gods against the Titans—and the Titans honestly got the worst of the deal. The Royals are now ready to attempt diplomacy again, and to teach the Titans the ways of their Gods.

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Sibik ah' Ch'anir

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